Build better
communication networks

and reduce the energy needed

Build better

and reduce the energy needed

Investor Online Conference

Friday, December 15, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. (CET)

Open for everyone. Registration required.
The conference will be held in German only.

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UET United Electronic Technology AG (aconnic) invites shareholders and investors to a video conference on the following topics:

  • Current market and business development related to installation and roll-out of telecommunications networks
  • Targets and plans for the new Carbon Capturing & Bio-Energy business area and the associated acquisition and investment in Ghana

Welcome to aconnic

aconnic has emerged from the UET Group and its operating companies and brands including
albis-elcon, SUCONI, Albis Engineering and Albis Technologies.

aconnic helps companies to build and run better communication networks.
aconnic delivers communication systems including own hard- and software and professional and managed services to build and operate communication networks
– secure – energy efficient – sustainable.


Private 5G Networks

Campus networks are getting more and more important for all businesses where automation and networking is indispensable. They provide a much better wireless experience compared to public networks, while at the same time providing high network security, better control of data, high performance, low latency and flexibility in terms of quality of service.

Network Disaggregation

In the next few years, the architecture in communication networks will change to increase efficiency and agility. Virtualisation solutions will drive this network evolution towards the next level. Universal CPE (uCPE, White Boxes), SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, virtualisation, orchestration, network clustering, network slicing, edge computing and open RAN are just a few of the terms in the network environment of the next decades.

Energy Powering for Mobile 5G Cells

The challenge of today’s telecom networks is that more and more active equipment needs to be installed outside of the existing telecom buildings closer to the end-user as the demanding and permanently increasing mobile and fixed traffic and the upgrade to higher frequencies/ bandwidth requires short length between the end-user and the network equipment.

Carbon Capturing &

In the Carbon Capturing & Bio-Energy product portfolio, aconnic develops technologically innovative and nature-based products for the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sustainable energy sources from biomass. This is a significant step towards climate protection and sustainable energy production.

Digitalisation with communication networks strengthens the value chain.

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